Peterborough NH Summer Art Camp Schedule Descriptions - Children and Teens

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this year's art camp information
young artists, an introduction to mixed media the painting camp - experience all different paint media, oils, pastels and more
magic tree house - explore the adventures from books creat irresistable yummy art with veggies, fruits, snacks and more
cartooning - have fun with your favorite cartoons fun food art - art projects for your dolls, paint on mini easels, make art books and folders
harry potter - ecreate the coolest harry potter art projects graffiti recycled urban art - with freedom of expression in your artwork
bring your favorite doll to art camp art for fun - a week of an exciting art experience
funky clays - get exposed to fresh and self hardening clay masks - be different characters by making many masks
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2017 Art Camp Class Descriptions

1. Young Artists

Ages 4 - 8
June 19 - 23 (9 am - 12 pm)

A fun introduction to Mixed Media art tailored for this age group. With lots of painting projects, collages, clays, printing and stamping. Create mini gardens in jars, seashell collages, wood ornament mobiles, beads & glitter frames, puzzle trees. Decorate a treasure box, paint pottery, do chocolate paintings. Large outdoor painting in the park, masks and sun catchers. Everyday face painting. On Friday little art show for the parents. It should be really Fun!

7. American Girl

Ages 6 - 12 July 17 - 21 (9 am - 3 pm)
Ages 24 - 28 July 17 - 21 (9 am - 3 pm)

Bring your favorite doll to camp, lets pamper her with cool hairdos & many art projects. Transform her into a princess this week, create many new accessories, hand painted soft blankets & pillows. Make poetry books and glitter journal, handbags, beach skirt and towel. Paint on mini easels, decorate a traveling trunk filled with toiletries. Create musical instruments, drums, toys, for pets, trays of pastries & fruit. Daily mini snacks, doll's party goodie bag, & many more surprising funky projects. American Girl Birthday Party!

2. Magic Tree House

Ages 5 - 10
June 26 - 30 (9 am - 12 pm)

Explore the adventures of Annie & Jack from the books 9-13, with some amazing art projects. Make dolphin sea collages with crystals and glitter. Texture paint oceans on boxes. Craft Sculpey lions and polar bears, make paintings of them in their habitat adding grasses and fluffy snowflakes. Build a small western wood ghost town with painted doors + windows, hide the magic tree house. Tie a mini rope ladder and create a handmade book of the stories memories. You will love it!

8. Drawing Camp

Ages 6 - 12
August 1 - 5 (9 am -12 pm)

Let your drawings come to life by learning how to add the realistic touches to them with shading, proportions & basic perspective. Use different types of pencils, smudge, "draw with erasers", apply color with coloring & watercolor pencils. Get exposed to the values, techniques, basics of drawing and composition. Choose your favorite animals, mannequins, objects. Outdoor drawing in the park, be amazed by your own accomplishments. Really!

3. Sculpt - Build - Collage

Ages 6 - 12
June 26 - 30 (1 pm - 4 pm)

A hands on camp using a big variety of materials to make the most unusual projects from your imagination. Pouring plaster molds of masks and bonbon trays, 3d paintings, nature collages. Recycled materials animals and creatures. Wood sculptures & river stone paintings, bouncing balls. Clay sculptures, linoleum carving, rubbings, sugar cube creations, maybe a mini fairy house. Sculpey pens, slate and mushroom collages, string art. Totally Cool Camp!

9. Edible Food Art

Ages 6 - 12
July 31 - August 4 (1 pm - 4 pm)

Create irresistible yummy art with fruits, veggies, snack foods, nuts, breads, cookies, chocolates & candies. Assemble, carve, chop and decorate. Use edible paint and frostings, mix your own colors. Make jelly bean creatures, edible wands, snack masks, marshmallow fantasies, sugar cube castles, ice cream dreams, candy cartoons, HP butter beer. Have fun making some famous artworks on bread, Bake mini pizzas, eat chocolate pasta, tie dye cakes, be imaginative. Yes, you can eat it all at the end of the class.!

4. Harry Potter

Ages 7 - 11
July 3 - 7 (9 am - 12 pm)

Ages 9 - 14
August 7 - 11 (9 am - 3 pm)

Create the coolest Harry Potter art projects, immerse yourself into the magic of this camp, but don't mention his name or your House may loose points. Clue words are: sorting hat, wands, spell books, goblets, magic potions, houses shields, Hogwarts castle, ties, flying car & key, whomping willow, puffles, shields, cauldron, sorceres 's stone, phoenix, snitches, Marauders map, brooms and a Quidditch game in the park. Invite your parents to the Potluck Wizard Graduation Ceremony!

10. Grafitti - Recycled - Urban Art

Ages 11 - 16 - FOR TEENS
August 14 - 18 (9 am - 3 pm)

With freedom of expression in your artwork! Some projects of your choice: Fantastical circuit boards, Tessellations, Cactus sculptures with wires & hand painted papers, Hand woven shoes Head ware with recycled material, Buttons and CD weavings, Screen printing fabric patches, Camouflage face & body painting, Public sketch books, Handmade short puzzle scavenger hunt. Nick Cave themed The Best!Thunderdome. The Best!

5. Awesome Clays

Ages 6 - 12
July 10 - 14 (9 am - 12 pm)

Get exposed to fresh & self hardening clay, make your own in colors, use Sculpey and Model Magic to create many awesome pieces of art. Carve clay blocks, print on clay slabs, use the pasta machine to blend colors. Create magical creatures, cartoon characters, animals, food, pies, fruit bowls, bird houses, mosaics, flowers. Learn cane designs for jewelry and beads. Wrap clay cords on tin boxes, stamp clay tile collages, ad gold foils, pearl dust, jewels & findings. A total blast!

11. Art Is Fun "For Parents and Kids"

Ages 5 - 10
August 21 - 25 (9 am - 12 pm)

A new art experience with a parent or not, using all the available art materials in the studio. Lots of painting , nature & recycled collages, Sculpey and clay items, wire mesh sculptures, metal relie rubbings. Plaster wrap projects, creative printing on fabric, mini shadow boxes. Use dimensional paints, glitter and jewels to decorate, create tile mosaics & window stickers, large power wands. Build a fairy house with all nature materials ... Amazing week!

6. The Painting Camp

Ages 6 - 12
July 10 - 14 (1 - 4 pm)

Experience all paint media this week. Acrylics, oils, Pastels, watercolors, ink, make egg yolk tempera & berry paints. Use neon, metallic, glow in the dark colors, add 3d textures with gels, powders, pulp. Paint on canvas, wood, glass, plaster frescos, silk, Mono print, marbleize, splatter, drip, squirt bottle paint for fun projects outdoors. Copy impressionist masterpieces or create your own, decorate a large art folder, paint your clothes? face? FUN


only 10-12 students per class

half day $148/week, materials $15
full day $298/week, materials $25
combine a morning + afternoon camp
siblings 10% off

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