Peterborough NH Summer Art Camp Schedule Descriptions - Children and Teens

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this year's art camp information
A creative introduction to Mixed Media, many fun projects with watercolors, pastels and acrylic paint and more art materials Experience painting with heavy tube acrylics, soft metallic, neon + glow in the dark
Let me know which are your favorite Princesses to do art paintings and crafts related to them. Enjoy an amazing cartooning week drawing your favorite characters and creating new ones.
New adventures of Annie and Jack from the books 13-16, Mt. Vesuvius volcano, China's Dragon King and more Use all your creativity making irresistible yummy art with fruits-veggies-snacks-nuts-cookies-bread-chocolate-candy.
The perfect hands on camp to be totally creative. Make spray foam sculptures, eggshell crystal geodes, artsy masks. Jeweled eggs and so much more Create the coolest Harry Potter art projects, immerse yourself into the magic of this camp
Does one of your dolls want to come to camp with you? Meet Luciana and do awesome art projects. If you like to do art work without boundaries and express yourself freely, this is your camp!
Let your drawings come to life by learning how to add realistic touches with shading. Let your drawings come to life by learning how to add realistic touches with shading.
art is here Phone and address

Peterborough Art Academy
16 School Street, Depot Square, In Downtown Peterborough NH 03458
Phone (603) 924-4488

Call 603-924-4488 for more information and to register for children's and teens' art camps in Peterborough, New Hampshire.